prayer &
bible reading

These guides will give you a starting point in prayer and Bible reading.

Daily Prayer is essential to the Christian life, but it can often be difficult to know how to begin or even what to pray for.

The guide below is meant to give you a starting point in your prayer life. You may use this guide exactly as written or you may want to modify it to meet your needs. Be on guard to not use this tool as a “formula” that is blindly followed out of a sense of duty. This is merely a starting point to ignite your passion for prayer. Prayer is ultimately communicating with your Father God out of a deep, meaningful, and vibrant relationship

2021 Radiant Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible is necessary for spiritual growth. Yet it can be a daunting task knowing what to read on a daily basis. Radiant has adapted a popular reading plan to help make daily Bible reading more accessible.

6-Day Chronological Plan

Reading through the entire Bible is one of the most helpful spiritual disciplines a Christian can do. Reading through the Bible is so helpful because it shows you the whole story of redemption from beginning to end. Practically, it avoids reading (and re-reading) our "favorite" books to the neglect of the rest of God's Word. Also, reading through the bible is a spiritual rhythm that can be done every year and still produce much fruit.

Radiant has adapted a popular plan that will take you through the whole bible in (mostly) chronological order. Also because it's a 6-day plan, you have a chance to catch up if you missed a day, or read a passage again for greater insights. Take a look at the plan below and get started today!

Tips for Success: 

1. Consistency is better than intensity. Even if you miss a day's reading, prioritize reading the passages for that day before going back to get caught up.

2. Start Small. If this is your first time reading through the Bible, or reading the Bible daily, start with only reading the New Testament passages this year. It will only be a chapter or two a day and will help you build the discipline of daily reading.

3. Be Flexible. All of our schedules are different and life can be hectic at times. Maybe reading all the passages in the morning may work. It may be best to break it up. You might want to start with the Psalms reading in the morning and do the other passages throughout the day. Find what works for you and be flexible if plans have to change.

4. Be accountable. Find someone who you can read/pray along with. This will help you be more consistent, and provide an outlet to discuss what God is doing in your life as you read.

5. Pray as you read. The Holy Spirit is what makes the Bible come alive in our hearts and minds. Ask God to show you truth in the scriptures before, during, and after your Bible reading.

6. Share what you read. Find a way to share even a small truth from your daily reading with someone throughout your day. Sharing scripture with others is the best advice we can ever give, and it will help us remember and apply what we have read.