Easter Sunday
You're invited to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with the Radiant Family! Service will be outside (2427 Midland Park Road) and begin at 10am. Bring your favorite lawn chair and enjoy worship with the whole family!

bible reading plans

Jump right into reading the Bible with some of our reading plans.

Reading the Bible is necessary for spiritual growth. Yet it can be a daunting task knowing what to read on a daily basis. Radiant has adapted an easy to follow  reading plan that will take you through the entire Bible in a year.

6-Day Chronological Plan

Reading through the entire Bible is one of the most helpful spiritual disciplines a Christian can do. One of the reasons reading through the Bible is so helpful is because it shows you the whole story of redemption from beginning to end. Practically, it avoids reading (and re-reading) our "favorite" books to the neglect of the rest of God's Word. Also, a reading through the bible is a spiritual rhythm that can be done every year and still produce much fruit.

Radiant has adapted a popular plan that will take you through the whole bible (mostly) in the order of events. Also because it's a 6-day plan, you have a chance to catch up if you missed a day, or read a passage again for greater insights. Take a look at the plan below and get started today!