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To make and mobilize disciples for the glory of God and the good of the city.

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Radiant Vision

What is the Be Radiant Vision 2021?

Watch this short video from Pastor Philip to learn more.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Setup your existing tithe as a recurring gift.
    This will help us plan the budget for 2021.

  2. Decide your next step to abide in Christ more in 2021.
    Try to be as specific as possible. Examples include: following a particular reading plan, fasting regularly, memorizing scripture, regular family devotionals, etc.

  3. Decide your next step to belong in community more in 2021.
    Examples include: attend Sunday services, join a community group, serve on a team, disciple another believer, etc.

  4. Name one person that is far from God, but close to you, that you commit to pray for and connect with.
    We can all be a part of building God's Kingdom by sharing the Good News of Jesus!

  5. Share how much God has led you to commit financially towards the Be Radiant Vision.
    This amount is separate from your regular tithe.


What are some of the ministry opportunities that a new space can accomodate?


Two of the biggest needs in North Charleston are alcohol and drug addiction services, and youth programs (especially for teenagers). Having a facility with offices, meetings spaces, and other non-sanctuary space will allow us to serve these needs and host other organizations that serve these needs and more. This would be in addition to our desire to train leaders and plant multiethnic churches

Why should we commit to this vision now?


The Bible says that the “One who watches the wind will not sow, and the one who looks at the clouds will not reap.” (Ecclesiastes 11:4) In our context, that means there is never a perfect time to take a step of faith, and yet 2020 has proven beyond a doubt that the Church needs to do a better job of discipleship—and discipleship in a multiethnic context. With your support and by God’s grace, the Be Radiant VISION 2021 will accomplish both of these goals. To hear a sermon that fully answers this question CLICK HERE.

Can I make a donation without making a pledge?


Yes! You can donate directly to the Be Radiant Vision 2021 Fund by clicking here.

What are church-planting residences and who is in the “pipeline” of leaders we are hoping to raise and train?


The residencies are immersive training environments that help prospective church planters discover, develop, and deploy their gifts to start new churches. We hope to announce our next church-planting resident very soon!

How can we stay updated on progress: pledges, giving, and impact?


This webpage, radiantcharleston.com/beradiant, will be updated weekly to track progress.

When should I make a pledge by and how? How is this helpful for the church?


Pledges should be made as soon as God grants clarity. A soft-target date to aim for is the end of January. This helps church staff pray and plan according to your faith. 

Who can I pray with as I seek God’s will for me in this? (Pastors, community groups, staff, etc)


Pastors Neal and Philip will make themselves available to talk through any part of this. You can also talk to your Community Group leader to schedule a time for either Pastor Neal or Philip to speak with your group directly. 

What does it mean to abide, belong, and commit? What resources are available to help me abide, belong, and commit?


To learn more, visit our discipleship resource page. Also, we will be preaching through these themes in January 2021.